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March 2019

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What would it take for you to create the projects you desired, increase your sewing skills and decrease your sewing frustrations? 

  • Could you do it with one class from one instructor?
  • Would you need to invest in travel costs for in person classes?
  • Would you need to try to remember everything you learned?
  • Could you call the instructor and ask for advice?

These were some of the real issues I heard about while traveling across the world teaching classes, and that is why the 2019 Premium Membership is being offered.

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Did you know…

Margaret is the founder and CSO (Chief Sewing Officer) of Virtual Sewing Guild, has been featured on America Sews TV series, was a regular contributor to Creative Expressions Magazine, had projects featured in DIME magazine, and is the 2019 Luncheon Keynote Speaker for Houston Quilt Market. She was the National Chairman of the Board for the American Sewing Guild, has worked as an expert creative consultant for Pfaff, trained dealers and their employees at Sewing Machine Conventions, has taught at Houston Quilt Market and Festival, Paducha Spring Market, Martha Pullen Schools and reached thousands and thousands of sew-ers through her Virtual Sewing Guild’s OnLine Webinars, Classes and Expos.

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Your FREE Membership includes access to an area that features sewing, quilting and embroidery Video Tips, along with other information that can make your sewing experience fun again!


Don’t settle for ordinary….you deserve EXTRAordinary!

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Online classes include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Multi formatted embroidery designs
  • Fabulous video and written instructions

Video Tips

Click on the images below to see some of Margaret’s great video tips!

Get Inspired!

Would you like to create the projects you desire, increase your sewing skills and decrease your sewing frustrations?  Join the Virtual Sewing Guild today and get:

  • Immediate downloadable classes after purchase
  • Learn new techniques
  • Monthly specials
  • Shop from the convenience of your home
  • Classes include fabulous video and detailed instructions that will let your sewing skills soar
  • With each project it’s like having Margaret sit right next to you in your sewing room!
  • Every step from start to finish on the great project…PLUS lots of professional tips along the way!

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About Margaret


Margaret Moorehead is an internationally recognized leader in the sewing, quilting and embroidery world. She has been teaching and training customers, store owners and their employees how to get the best results on all their sewing projects. She has taught thousands and thousands of individuals her proven techniques so they can achieve the professional results they deserve on all their projects.

Margaret has created hundreds of fabulous projects and now offers some of them as online classes that include detailed step by step videos, written instructions and tips and tricks that will lead to wonderful results.

About The Virtual Sewing Guild


At the core of Virtual Sewing Guild is a passion for sewing and a love of teaching and sharing information. Margaret had the opportunity to train, and be trained by the best of the best in the industry and now she is sharing all of that knowledge with you… in the comfort of your own home. Her unique ability to break complicated and complex task into steps that will lead to success 

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