Product: 2016 Virtual Sewing Guild Premium Pack

2016 Virtual Sewing Guild Premium Pack

Virtual Sewing Guild

2016 Premium Pack

Eight sewing and/or embroidery projects with videos, written directions, AND embroidery designs for the projects using embroidery.
Four, "Members Only" webinar recordings and presentation files that can be downloaded.

Decrease your sewing frustrations and increase your skill level

Here is your chance to get from where you are now in your sewing life, to where you want to be!

Think about what you really want to create, but haven’t been able to.
Do you want to:
Make a quilt...for yourself, a family member or friend?
Create great home dec items?
Get results in your projects like the sewing professionals do?
Get more sewing, quilting and embroidery done in less time?
Learn from someone who really knows how to get the best results?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Virtual Sewing Guild Premium Pack is for you!

The "Margaret Moorehead Presents"...Virtual Sewing Guild 2016 Premium Pack includes:
8 sewing and/or embroidery projects
Detailed videos of each project that you can download and have in your sewing library forever
Embroidery designs needed for any of the projects that include embroidery.
4 Members Only Webinars
Access to a protected site that will allow you to download the recordings and PDF’s for each of these webinars and project instructions, designs and videos!

Through these projects and webinars, Margaret will introduce you to a wide variety of projects, techniques, tips, tricks and sewing information that will allow you to get the same results she gets when creating her wonderful sewing projects!

The 2016 Premium Pack allows you to download the videos to each project. These videos show you exactly how to create the project from beginning to end....takes all the guess work out! You will also get written directions to these wonderful projects, and a variety of tips and tricks to take your sewing to the next level . Being able to download every video so they are there when you need them, no matter what your schedule is, is a dream come true!

You can also download the recorded webinars and have them in your sewing library FOREVER! Now your schedule is YOUR schedule and not someone else’s! Convenience at its best!

You also can view, download and print the PDF’s of the powerpoint presentation that were used during the members only webinars. No more trying to frantically take notes during the webinar. You will have it all at your fingertips!

And don’t forget that you will get EVERY design you need for the embroidery projects!
All this for one great low price

Great benefits of Premium Pack:
Written directions for all 8 projects
Videos for each project that can be downloaded to your sewing library
The embroidery designs for all the embroidery projects.
FourMembers Only Webinars
Access to the recordings and PDF’s of the members only webinars which can be downloaded to your sewing library so you have access to them forever

PLUS you will have access to download all of these webinar recordings and their presentation documents!

These webinars feature Margaret Moorehead AND other sewing experts so you can really take your sewing skills to the next level!

AND don’t forget the FUN you will have while creating these projects!

So get your 2016 Premium Pack now, and remember...

Just because it is beautiful,

doesn’t mean it is difficult!

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