Product: Fancy Band Silk Pillowcase

Product: Fancy Band Silk Pillowcase
Want to put those decorative stitches to good use?
Ready to create a pillow slip is easy to put on and remove for laundry purposes AND completely encloses you pillow?
Afraid to try appliqué or reverse appliqué?

When you enroll in this class you have access to watch Margaret, an expert in the sewing, quilting and embroidery world, show you EXACTLY how to create your own Fancy Band Silk Pillow Case!

The Fancy Band Silk Pillow Case class is for you, if you want to learn:
  • How to work with decorative stitches.
  • How to create an elegant pillow case that is beautiful and functional at the same time.
  • How to do reverse appliqué
  • How to appliqué without using the reverse appliqué technique
Through detailed videos, Margaret shares all her secrets for each step of the project. You’ll get hints on how to get the best results possible for every part of this project.

You will be able to download and save all the videos and written instructions to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever. No need to keep going back to the internet to view the videos, they will be in YOUR sewing library FOREVER.

Fancy Band Silk Pillow Case Class Includes:
  • Supply list
  • Fabric Preparation Chart
  • Videos
  • Using Decorative Stitches to create the “fancy band”
  • Construction techniques for this elegant pillow case
  • Plus hints from Margaret how to get professional results each step of the way, from step one to the finished project!
This is one of the 9 projects that are included in the 2016 Premium Member Package. If you think you would like to have access to all the projects, click here for more information.
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