Product: Webinar Replay, Lindee G May 2018

Product: Webinar Recording, LindeeG May 2018
Machine Embroidery Myth Buster webinar from the Master herself....Lindee G

During this webinar Lindee G of LindeeG Embroidery is ready to shake up the Machine Embroidery World!

*Learn the ingredients to create quality embroidery
*See how various design attributes impact your project.
*Lindee shares the information needed to make the designs and fabrics "match" for fabulous results
*And she bust the biggest "myth" in the Machine Embroidery world!

If your ready to increase your sewing skills, get better results and have some fun, you won't want to miss the fabulous webinar brought to you by Margaret Moorehead of the Virtual Sewing Guild, and Lindee Goodall of LindeeG Embroidery!

If you have ever attended one of the Virtual Sewing Guild Webinars, you know that the quality of information presented in these webinars is not found anywhere else...only the best of the best are invited to present and Lindee is certainly at the top of that list!

This webinar is jam packed with information. Margaret and Lindee have fine tuned the information so it is detailed, and easy to understand and will allow your machine embroidery skills can soar!

Find out about
And...."The Embroidery RECIPE"!

Lindee G has been digitizing for the Machine Embroidery World for years, and her digitized designs quickly grew to one of the most popular design companies in the industry.

And now, YOU can learn from the master herself about how to get the results you desire when doing machine embroidery.
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