2019-2020 Memberships

Let Your Creativity Soar

Not sure which memberships/classes you have purchased?

Any purchases that were made prior to March 6, 2019 are still available on the old system.  
To find your previous purchases, log into your account here:  https://virtualsewingguild.net/member-login/?event=login

Once you log in, you are taken to this page:  https://virtualsewingguild.net/view-your-account/ and you can view all the purchases that you have made prior to March 6, 2019.   To access your previous purchases, go to this page and click on the product that you purchased: https://virtualsewingguild.net/online-classes-and-membership-area/

Any new purchases made after March 6, 2019, will be accessed in the new system by going to the My Account tab on the menu bar:  https://virtualsewingguild.net/shop/?page_id=9 and enter your username and password there.