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  1. White Church Designs

    Since you have redone your site I can’t access the video tip you posted in March. IF I go to the old video tips I can access those but when I try to access this new one (which isn’t with the old ones), using my sign in info, I get a message that it is an invalid username ( but it isn’t because I can use it as previously stated.) There is no place in the new site on the free membership to set up another account. Where it says to create a free account there is no link to do it. I have wasted way too much time trying to access the new video tip!!!!!!! There is some kind of malfunction with your new site!!

  2. Pat de Lacey

    I have a free account but it won’t let me in. It says it is the wrong username, but it isn’t. What I have down is ‘username – roxydel password – florence’

  3. Betty Davis

    My old login does not work. It was Southpaw.03 and the password is Smokey259
    How do we make this work?

  4. Margaret Hawkins

    I am having the same problem, can’t log in it keeps telling me that it is the wrong user name and it’s not……I give up, waysting too muchtime

  5. Johnc826

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  6. Pharme980

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