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Learn professional techniques for cutting, lining up your project for embroidery, and working with lace.
See exactly how to create this entire project by watching the videos and following the detailed written directions.
Let Margaret explain how to do this entire project, as she gives you hints and details about WHY certain things are done a certain way.

When you enroll in this class, it is like having Margaret sit right next to you as you create this wonderful “Treasured Towel”! And not only do you get the complete instructions you also get the beautiful design in multi formats!

”Treasured Towel” online class includes:

  • Multi formatted appliqué design.
  • Complete step by step directions for appliqué, construction and even how to get the best results when working with lace! .
  • Video instructions PLUS written instructions….why settle for just one?
  • Why waste time figuring it out on your own….Margaret has already figured it out for you!

Through detailed videos, Margaret shares all her secrets for each step of the project.
You’ll get hints on how to get the best results possible for every part of these Treasured Towels.

You will be able to download and save all the videos, written instructions and the design files to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever. No need to keep going back to the internet to view your information, it will ALL be in YOUR sewing library FOREVER.

”Treasured Towels” online class Includes:

  • Supply list
  • Videos
  • Complete Embroidery and Construction Instructions
  • Multi formatted Embroidery Design
  • Instructions for adding the lace!
  • Every step from start to finish on the great project…PLUS lots of professional tips along the way!



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