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Fabulous technique yet oh so easy!
Strips of fabric and decorative stitches go beyond being basic!
Have some fun and create something practical!

No Embroidery machine? No Problem!
Ready to find out exactly how to do the “spiral technique” and see some examples of other ways you can use it?
Want to find out some of Margaret’s secrets to professional results?

When you enroll in this class Margaret will show you exactly how to create your own, Spiraled Draft stopper, embellished with beautiful decorative stitches!

”Spiraled Draft Stopper” online class includes:

  • Step by Step instructions for the “spiral” technique!
  • Step by step embellishing with your decorative stitches.
  • Fabulous Video and Written Instructions

Through detailed videos, and written directions Margaret shows you this wonderful “spiral” technique that takes fabric cut on the straight of grain, and turns it into a bias tube!
See how much fun you can have in your sewing room with this project.

You will be able to download and save all the videos and written instructions to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever. No need to keep going back to the internet to view the videos and written instructions, they will be in YOUR sewing library FOREVER.

”Spiraled Draft Stopper” online class Includes:

  • Supply list
  • Videos
  • Complete “spiral” Instructions
  • Complete Construction Instructions
  • Complete Instructions for working with decorative stitches
  • It’s like having Margaret sit right next to you in your sewing room!
  • Every step from start to finish on the great project…PLUS lots of professional tips along the way!


This is one of the 10 projects that are included in the Premium Collection 1. If you think you would like to have access to all 10 of the projects, click here for more information.





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